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Share your favorite photo here & your testimonial about SESE Wedding


T Hsu

We had special request of Milky Way pre weddings photo - I was invited to discuss the shoot directly with the photographer beforehand; they are super professional and able to ex plain to me the whole process. The make artist was super helpful and she recommended on the hairstyle and what to prepare, down to the details of what nail color is the best for the shoot. There are many options for the dress selection and they are patient and let me try many diff style of dresses. The photo shoot went smoothly on the day and they provide the photo in lightning speed including the edited ones. Overall, the people, service and process was amazing. Thank you!



Definitely 5 star! We had a wonderful experience to get our wedding photos taken by SESE. We took two sets of photos, one at SF city hall and another at Japenese Tea Garden on the dat we get married. We appreciate the service provide by our photographe, make-up artist and assistant: teaching us how to make pose at best positions. We are definitely willing to recommand it to my friends.

Engagement photos


I knew about Sese through a friend so I decided to look into their engagement photo packages. The prices are great and the staff are very professional. They have a lot of experiences to achieve the best outcome for each couple. My husband and I aren't very good at posing, so Xiaozhi, the photographer, guided us along the way. Lisa did my makeup and styled my hair and I am very satisfied with them. Although it was a packed day from going to three locations, the overall experience was nice and plenty of photos were taken.


Xiaofeng Guo

Thanks, SESE Wedding for providing us with such professional services. Everything went smoothly and the photographer(xiao Zhi) is very experienced and also a very nice guy :) who gave us lots of good advice. We went to The Golden Gate Bridge and Muir. Even though the weather is not perfect in the morning, fortunately, we can see the bridge afternoon. We had wonderful experiences cooperating with SESE wedding team for our wedding pictures.

Pre-Wedding 婚紗攝影


We just recently got our pre-wedding photos done by SeSe, and the experience was incredible. The price of their photo package is very reasonable, and their inclusive package is a lifesaver. It saved us time and energy from sourcing wedding gown & dresses, photographer, MUA and even transportation. We were well taken care of from every aspect. We had such a pleasant time working with SeSe as the whole team is very experienced and well organized.
A special shout-out to our photographer XiaoZhi. He is very patient and professional. He was great at giving us guidance throughout the whole shooting process. We just received the photos back approximately two weeks after the shooting, and we are absolutely blown away by the result. Countless compliments have been received from our families and friends. Thank you XiaoZhi for your magical work 😊
Given this pleasant experience, we can’t wait to see what SeSe is going to bring to us on our big day in 3 months.
我們想特別鳴謝我們的攝影師小智,他非常有耐心和專業,很感謝他在整個拍攝過程中不斷地為我們提供指導。我們在拍攝後大約兩週便收到了照片,而我們對所收到的作品很滿意,也從家人和朋友那裡獲得了無數的讚美。 謝謝小智所施展了的神奇魔法 😊
有了這次愉快的體驗,令我很期待 3 個月後色色能為我的婚宴帶來什麼不一樣的火花。




Wondering experience

Zero Lam

We had wonderful experiences to cooperate with SESE wedding team for our wedding pictures. We communicated smoothly and they gave us many good advices so that we felt relaxed while taking pictures on the ocean beach. The photographer is very professional and patient, the pictures are so gorgeous.

Amazing photography team

Fiona Cui




The wedding day was the most important day in my life and Sese just made it more fantastic! The service was really "one stop" where you don't need to worry about anything by yourself during the wedding day. Everyone in Sese group is really nice, friendly and professional, and there are tons of dresses to choose from! I'm so glad that I was able to have some wedding photos in the Chinese traditional dress!

And special thanks to Xiaozhi, Chloe and Sam for taking care of my wedding day. Xiaozhi, the photographer, is very professional and talented. He helped us to relax and to look beautiful and lively in the photos. Chloe, the makeup artist, is very thoughtful and experienced. She took care of me meticulously for the whole day. And Sam, the owner of Sese, was willing to be our witness and shoot a video of our ceremony when our own witness can't make it that day. I really appreciate the team for making my day!






It was the day I would never forget. We booked 2 months in advance and it came out just wonderful.

Everyone at SESE WEDDING was so nice, energetic and passionate. Xiaozhi is a young creative photographer. He had tons of ideas for our poses and didn’t mind lying on the floor or the grass to bring us the best photos. Chloe is such an amazing makeup artist and hair stylist. She took care of me a lot when I was cold like a sister. We bought the 8 hr package and it’s worth every minute trust me. It was so hard for me to choose 40 photos because omg all the photos were so fabulous !!!

Thank you so much for making me a princess. If you’re looking for a full wedding photo package with no hidden fees and professional people, this is absolutely the right place for you. Speaking Mandarin or Cantonese is a big bonus.



This is our first photo session with this company. Thank you photographer 小智 and makeup artist Chloe! Friendly service, easy communication and fast delivery. Pictures came out great!


Li You

Took our wedding photo here, good communication, great production! They provided super professional service during the whole time. Beautiful dresses, accessories, and make-ups were all included in the package. The photographer Xiao Zhi is a very professional photographer and took hundreds of excellent photos!!! Pictures turn out to be awesome and we like it a lot. It was a great memory and we would never forget. Highly recommend.



Great Service! Many thanks to our professional photographer 小智 and makeup artist Chloe. Thanks to Sam for arranging our daughter’s graduation photo session. The pictures came out perfect! Fast delivery on the proofs. This is our second photo session. They deliver exceptional service and pictures again!



我们周末去色色摄影拍了孕照。摄影师人超级好,主动帮大宝和队友拍了不少单独的照片。 一次就完成了孕照,家庭照和单人照,真的物超所值!本来我们还担心3岁小朋友太调皮会影响拍照,但是摄影师专门准备了足球和飞机玩具。小朋友玩的很开心,出片效果也很生动。化妆师的技术也非常好,把人变美了,而且看起来很自然。推荐在摄影棚附近的Bayfront公园拍外景,蓝天白云绿草茵茵,还有海边的树影,使得构图更加丰富多彩!

Front End Developer

Sunny Xie

Sese’s service is pretty great, friendly, and sweet. I took some portrait photos and they prepare several dresses for me to choose from. Two of them are traditional Chinese dresses: Qipao, which are super delicate, neat, clean, and elegant.
XiaoZhi is a truly professional photographer & clearly communicated all along the process; Chloe is super sweet and she is an excellent make-up artist. They have a friendly corgi in the studio, Huanhuan, she sometimes will be there and so peaceful.
Highly recommend Sese studio.


Mingshu Yu

My baby girl's 1st year birthday photoshoot! They have lots of props, and the photographer XiaoZhi(小智) is really professional.

Maternity Photoshoot


疫情期間能找到一間如此滿意的拍攝公司實在不容易,紅姐攝影師及化妝師都非常照顧我們,幾乎有求必應,讓我們倆留下了美好的回憶,往後如果還有拍攝需要一定會再回來的,也推薦大家有需要一定要光顧!Highly recommended to couple who are seeking for photoshooing ! Great team and Great service!

5 Stars

Briana Y.

I would like to give a 5 star rating because the staff were all extremely helpful and welcoming. Additionally, they were very talented at doing makeup and taking unique photos. The photographer was adept at guiding my poses and helped me feel comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend SESE wedding!



在湾区竟然有一间“色色影楼,在那里遇见红姐、小智 和化妆姐姐Chole,那天如约而至,在清淡的气息和暖暖的闲谈中化妆姐姐Chole娴熟的完成了女儿的妆容,摄影师小智专业朴实的技艺从室内拍到室外,意犹未尽中竟然忘记拍摄时间,念念不舍中不仅在色色影楼留下女儿十六岁的记忆,还在这个记忆中多了一丝讲不出的味道......当我第二天看到底片时,知道那是家的味道,舒服,放松,还想再回去!

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