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Sese provided end to end service for my wedding day. I was lucky enough to have had the wedding before covid happened. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and sese made it so much easier. They provided services, all the way from venue decoration, MC, makeup artist, photography, videography. There MC Kenny spoke all three language, English, Mandarin and Catonese. He also sang and danced during the wedding, it was a lot of fun. All the staff at Sese are friendly and accomodating, they try to address your requests and make sure your asks are met. They try to make the day as smooth as possible.

Amazing wedding

Lan Chen

I'd like to give a five star for my pre-wedding shoot experience at Sese Group. The manager Hong is very friendly and gave us a detailed introduction of packages and locations where the pictures can be taken. The makeup artist Chloe (what a beautiful name, huh) really took good care of my face and dress all day long and I enjoyed being with her. Xiaozhi, the photographer, is quite professional and talented and I really like the photos he took for us. The whole team is so sweet and considerate and I write the review down just to let them know that their efforts are appreciated!

Highly recommend


We had an amazing experience with Sese. It is a great place to choose for wedding planner. The photographer is so nice, patient, and professional.
He knows how to take every angle in each location and so attractive. He always tried his best in taking pictures.

You will never get disappointed for your wedding planner in a lifetime.
I am highly recommended Sese Wedding Group.

Extremely Satisfied

Hasan Huang

We had an amazing experience with Sese. It is a great place to choose for wedding planner. The photographer is so nice, patient, and professional.
He knows how to take every angle in each location and so attractive. He always tried his best in taking pictures.

You will never get disappointed for your wedding planner in a lifetime.
I am highly recommended Sese Wedding Group.

Extremely Satisfied

Hasan Huang

Next time I will choose this company for taking pictures again.I am very satisfied with their service. The wedding dress is also very beautiful and the photos are very pleasant.


Janet Huang

This is a company that provides high-quality service. When trying on a suit on the day of shooting, the groom didn't fit. They immediately went to Macy's and bought a suit that fitted. The bride liked their wedding dress very much. We are satisfied with the makeup and modeling. The photo taken is very beautiful. I will choose this company for the next photo shoot.

Amazing Job

Hervey Lee

First of all, I rarely write reviews, but the customer services my husband and I received from SESE were so exceptional that I want to give them a shoutout!

We stopped by their bridal shop in Millbrae about 2 weeks before our civil ceremony. Huanhuan, the dog, was welcoming even though we had never met! The owner, Hong, explained to us details about different photography packages and showed us their previous work. As busy as they were, they were able to accomodate our schedule on such a short notice. They left a great first impression so we signed the contract and paid upfront on the spot, without shopping around. The customer service associate, Xuanxuan, patiently helped me choose the rental gowns. I was indecisive but she gave her best professional and personal opinions.

On 3/13, the day of our civil ceremony at SF city hall, we showed up at the store at 8:00am. The makeup artist Chloe was right on time. She obviously had a lot of experience as every step seemed to come as second nature to her. She amazed me with her attention to details-she insisted on making sure my double eyelids were the same size and eyebrows rise to the same level when I smile, even though I honestly didn’t care much. :).

Both my husband and I were not comfortable in front of cameras but Xiaozhi, the photographer, put us at ease with his warm, easy-going, playful personality. He showed us the most beautiful spots around city hall; taught us a variety of poses; and fixed my husband’s attire..etc. We also took photos near the Golden Gate Bridge and Chinatown. At the beach, he got his shoes wet just to capture our candid moments! He truly went above and beyond. We also had so much fun making silly poses at Chinatown. At the end of the day, It felt like Xiaozhi and we went on a fun adventure around San Francisco. We hope he enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed his. We also admire the passion he has for photography. The sparks in his eye when he was crafting magic with his camera was a pure joy to watch.

A couple of days later we received a link to download photos from google drive. The photos turned out amazing. Friends, family, co-workers applauded the talent of the photographer. We are grateful that Xiaozhi captured our moments full of love and happiness. The whole team made the wedding memorable. I would recommend them to every couple!



We made an appointment with SESE wedding 1 month before our registration and ceremony in SF city hall and we chose both photography and videography service from them. It’s really a satisfying and hassle-free experience. They take care of everything including but not limited to makeup for both of us, wedding dresses selections, transportation and of course the most important thing - capture the happiest moment of us. The photographer is absolutely professional and dedicated. During the entire 7 hours of the service, he took more than 500+ photos for us, most of which I have printed out and kept in my “Happiness Life” album😊 . I would definitely recommend SESE wedding to those who want to enjoy a high standard service with unforgettable photos during their life events.


Sylvia Tan & Donald Xu

SESE wedding delivered amazing photography experience for us. The team is professional and caring. It was raining on the day but the photographer managed to capture the unique rainy/foggy feel of San Francisco. It is quite a memory for us.


Wei Shen



ke zhang

Sese provide great service for our pre-wedding photos. Stuff are very friendly and helpful. Photographer and makeup artist are very professional and we got great photos. Due to the recent weather, we got pretty close to our wedding plan, Sese stuff can accommodate their schedule and plan for us to meet our requirements. Overall, great experience!


Zhiang Li

Sese is very attentive to their customers. All the staff and owner are super friendly and accommodating to client needs.

Great service

Lan Chen

Sese helped organize and helped planned our engagement photos. They deliver excellent results which were used for our wedding album.

Big Stomach Wong

Gordon Wong

Great place for pre-wedding photo. Very professional photographer and makeup artist. The manager and the assistants are super nice and help me with dress fitting. We have fantastic experience.

Data Engineer


We recently had our wedding photo shoot at Sese. It was a wonderful experience from the first appointment of selecting photo shooting sites to the recent appointments of choosing pictures for refinement. Everyone is very accommodating and making sure we had the best experience possible. We highly recommend Sese wedding for whomever is in the market for photo shooting! Thank you for everything to the crew!

Highly recommend!

Shuting Tulip

The service SeSe provided was impressive and extraordinary! The staff was very nice and easy to work with. Hong was very patient and explained all plans in great details, which helped us to choose a plan that worked the best for us. We went to San Francisco City Hall for our wedding ceremony, the Palace of Fine Arts to enjoy the harmony of nature and art, the Baker Beach for pictures with the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Pigeon Poing Lighthouse for the sea and sunset. The photographer XiaoZhi was talented, humerous, swift and of a great taste of art and beauty. The pictures he took were amazing! The angels he picked was thoughtful and aesthetic. After seeing the final photos, we are all amazed! The overall experience was great and exceeding our expectation. I highly recommend SeSe for wedding photography!

Software Engineer

Tony Liu




Starting from engagement sessions to Ceremony, then later the newborn,then the 100days,and later the anniversary……we have been extremely picky to start with and we are so glad that we finally settle with this fantastic team!all photographers that we have experienced are so good!This team and this company are all of the top notch!we did quite a few comparisons based on prices,products,edited files and the overall service quality,trust me,this is the one place you can trust!

Marketing Manager

Eileen X

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