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One stop wedding service specialist


Wedding Planning | Wedding Co-ordination | Wedding Decoration

We are love-storytelling savvy wedding photography & videography boutique dedicated to couples around the San Francisco Bay Area and those who travel from out of States and from other Countries.

Photography is not just about lighting and compositions, nor just what you wore, what the weather were like, nor your shoes and flowers; Photography is all about capturing the precious moment of its significance in life that says  all about you and your own unique story.

As photographers, We are honor to be a part of it to witnessing and to documenting those absolutely irreplaceable moments through our lens.

Every piece of work is all our own craftsmanship and we live on it.

Combining the style of photojournalism, documentary style to create images that are genuine, emotional, and full of all the true joy of the special moment, our packages cover everything from your proposal, engagement session, boudoir, rehearsal dinner, & of course – wedding day coverage from start to finish.

While time may pass, your laughs, tears and countless memories will remain. We capture memories! In the years to come, when you are looking through your albums and videos with your loved ones, we hope our works help to preserve the memories of your precious moments in life.


Most importantly, your satisfaction is the goal we strive for.

Your final production here will be timelessly elegant, authentic, fashionable, style centric, & will continuously evolve. From the day you receive your pictures and films to the day you are showing them to your grandchildren, we all shall be rejoiced for eternity!

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